Providing high-quality legal services and value-driven results to companies and select individuals.

Providing high-quality legal services and value-driven results to companies and select individuals.

A Diverse Team, A Common Goal

Combining the unique skillsets and extensive experiences of a diverse team of attorneys, Slater & Associates APC serves Southern California employers with a common focus on achieving their goals. As a boutique firm, Slater & Associates APC provides rigorous, personalized counsel through workers’ compensation, employment law and civil litigation cases, and prioritizes creating cost-effective legal strategies that meet clients’ specific financial needs. With a commitment to educating clients on their rights, they bring insight into jury perceptions and how to try a case.

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The Slater & Associates APC Story

With over 29 years of experience in civil litigation, founding attorney Charles C. Slater spent years working for large, high-volume law firms – and noting their inefficiencies. Their glitz and glamor, sprawling offices, and soaring administrative expenses all seemed to detract from their capacity to serve clients cost-effectively and efficiently. Mr. Slater began envisioning a firm that would be made up of adaptable, creative attorneys who could provide responsive, customized service to businesses and employers.

In 2016, Mr. Slater acted on his vision and founded Slater & Associates APC. Based in Orange, California, their team is composed of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and other staff handpicked for their knowledge, hard work and dedication. Their legal strength – and strength of character – have resonated with companies and individuals, who have entrusted Slater & Associates APC with resolving thousands of cases since its establishment.

Mr. Slater himself was born in Korea, the son of an American father and a Korean mother. He came to the United States when he was seven years old with his sister and mother after his father passed away. Although their immigrant family of three was subjected to much hardship and prejudice, Mr. Slater’s mother fought to instill her children with a strong sense of right and wrong, a commitment to excellence in education, and a tireless work ethic. Motivated by these values, Mr. Slater graduated at the top high school in San Francisco and earned degrees in Political Science and Rhetoric and Communications from the University of California – Davis. After working for the California State Legislature and for insurance companies, he earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of the Pacific in 1993.

The fighting spirit that has driven Mr. Slater since childhood continues till this day – and it is shared by the team at Slater & Associates APC. With a broad range of career, educational and cultural backgrounds, their attorneys and legal staff are united by their fierce commitment to their clients and their ability to synthesize diverse ideas to solve complex legal problems.

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For a versatile team of focused, creative attorneys, get Lawyer’d Up® with Slater & Associates APC. They bring clear, confident, and cost-effective advocacy. To schedule a consultation, call 657-333-8090, Ext. 101, or complete their online form.