Providing high-quality legal services and value-driven results to companies and select individuals.

Providing high-quality legal services and value-driven results to companies and select individuals.

Responsive Counsel And Fierce Advocacy Through Civil Litigation

The team at Slater & Associates is passionate about providing businesses and select individuals with responsive counsel and fierce advocacy through a range of civil litigation issues. They provide proactive legal services to review and draft contracts, arbitration agreements and policies that can keep enterprises running smoothly and prevent claims from arising. When a business does encounter a civil suit, they can draw on their knowledge about many effective mediators and arbitrators to explore the possibility of a settlement. However, if this is not possible or not in their client’s best interest, they have the tools, resources, and experience necessary to bring a case to trial.

Business Disputes

When companies face claims from their contractors, partners, employees or customers, they need vigorous representation to assert their rights and protect their financial futures. The attorneys a business retains should not only be dedicated to the business’s best interests, but should also align with its values and commitment to continuous adaptation and innovation.

At Slater & Associates, our attorneys and staff are united by a common focus on developing creative, cost-effective solutions to businesses’ legal issues. They synthesize their unique backgrounds and skillsets to solve complex problems, educate clients on their options, and pursue resolutions that meet clients’ negotiation or litigation goals.

Personal Injury

Slater & Associates has taken many personal injury cases to trial. Whether a business needs defense or an individual has a serious personal injury case or wrongful death matter, we have the litigation know how and skills to negotiate a successful settlement or see it through a jury trial. 

Get Lawyer’d Up® With Client-Focused Representation

For motivated, diligent counsel across a range of civil litigation issues, contact Slater & Associates. Their attorneys are driven to represent your business or your personal interests. With decades of combined experience and a core commitment to client satisfaction, they have been trusted to resolve thousands of cases. To schedule a consultation and get Lawyer’d Up®, call 657-333-8090, Ext. 101 or complete their online form.